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Diamond Jewelry ExhibitIion by Sara Taseer

Diamond Jewelry ExhibitIion by Sara Taseer

Sara Taseer brings an alluring Diamond Jewelry Exhibition for the elite of Singapore at her boutique in Hilton orchard road in Singapore.

Sara Taseer Fine Jewellery is known as the leading Singapore based diamond retailer which specializes in diamond and precious stone jewellery. Recently, Sara Taseer displayed an exclusive range of diamond jewellery to provide glittery glimpses to her customers.
A big crowd of diamond jewellery lovers and socialites of Singapore rushed in to see this Diamond Jewelry Exhibition by Sara Taseer and also enjoyed hi tea and snacks.

The media and PR of Diamond Jewelry Exhibition by Sara Taseer was handled by Aamir Mazhar of Savvy PR.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Katy Perry is 'Woman of the Year

Katy Perry has a had a tough 12 months following the split from husband Russell Brand but instead of moping around the house, the singer turned their break-up into a hit single and film and now has been named Billboard's Woman of The Year.

Following previous winners Taylor Swift, Beyonce and Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie, Perry recently documented her personal and professional ups and downs in recent film Part Of Me.

After selling over 48 million tracks, the 'Firework' singer has a huge legion of fans known as 'katycats' on Twitter and Facebook.

Billboard's editorial director Bill Werde said in a statement that Perry was chosen for her achievements in the past 12 months, calling her 'one of the most exciting and inspiring artists in the industry'.

Reproductive health excites doctors

KARACHI - Reproductive health is a cross cutting theme of medical and social sciences whereas its training is essential to equip medical graduates to address the behavioral disorders, experts said here on Wednesday at a seminar held at Dow University of Health Science (DUHS). The seminar was organized to highlight importance of reproductive health taught as a separate subject to the MBBS students at DUHS.
It was preceded by Life Time Achievement Award conferred Maj Gen Dr Zafar Ul Islam (Dow Alumni) and Director of Medicine, Armed Force Medical Institute by the students and faculty staff of DUHS.
Prof Subhana Tayyab, Chairperson Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Civil Hospital, Karachi, while addressing the participants of the seminar said that one in every 38 women die from pregnancy-related causes in our country. There is also a much higher incidence rate of delivery related morbidity and relevant disabilities with severe repercussions on mental, emotional and psychological well being of the concerned women. “The situation in our context is all the more serious as age of child bearing is under 16 years for most of our rural women,” said the speaker.

In global scenario half a million women die from complications of pregnancy and childbirth while tens of millions of others suffer from non-fatal health problems, physical and psychological. Dr Subhana said that vast majority of the causes of maternal and child morbidity and mortality are preventable or readily treatable with simple, inexpensive technologies and approaches.
“The hard-hit are the poor and the rural women and a significant number of them are not dying because of diseases we cannot treat but because society has yet to make the decision that their lives are worth saving,” she said.
The senior gynecologist said focus on promotion of health practice needed to be complimented with sensitization and education of medical students on the holistic approach and scientific handling of reproductive health to reduce infant, perinatal morbidity and mortality alongwith maternal morbidity and mortality in Pakistan.
Dr Rukhsana Rubeen, Associate Professor of Biochemistry, DMC and Coordinator Medical Education Cell, highlighted relevance of integrating reproductive health in MBBS curriculum at DUHS. She said that the objectives was to demonstrate the difference between cognitive and affective learning, identify the needs of integration of holistic reproductive health (RH) courses at undergraduate medical and nursing curriculum and to share the process of development, assessment and implementation of RH modules with MBBS Curriculum
Prof Raza-ur-Rahman, Chairperson, Psychiatry Department said that the right of men and women to be informed of and have access to safe, effective, affordable and acceptable methods of fertility regulation of their choice is universally accepted and is also conformed under our religion. The right of access to appropriate health care services will enable women to go safely through pregnancy and childbirth and provide couples with the best chance of having a healthy infant, he said.

Native American Collection 2012 by Kayseria

Kayseria infuses the Native American Spirit in its newest collection set to bestow indigenous feel to trendy girls and women.

The Native American Collection 2012 by Kayseria takes its inspiration from Native American tribes to add ethnic feel in all girls.

Being an amalgamation of multiple hues, the collection has grabbed attention of all modern girls who keep updating themselves with changing trends. The collection includes a beautiful range of traditional shalwar qameez, frocks, baggy shirts, pajamas, trousers, and tights. The visibility of each outfit is enhanced with keeping the base fabric in lighter tones with contrasting prints of yellow, orange and green.

Have a look at this beautiful Native American Collection 2012 by Kayseria.

Young doctors: more protests less service

ISLAMABAD, Sept 26: With the Ministry of Capital Administration and Development (CAD) not taking ‘a clear stance’ over the posting of a Lahore-based physician in Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (Pims), Young Doctors Association (YDA) for the umpteenth time has resorted to protesting.

The YDA has announced closure of hospital services for two hours on a daily basis.

The YDA Islamabad chapter has been protesting against the failure of the ministry for not taking a clear position over the posting of Prof Riaz Warraich.

It is pertinent to mention that on the orders of Federal Minister Nazar Mohammad Gondal, a summary was moved by the secretary of CAD to the prime minister, suggesting that Prof Riaz Warraich should head the federal capital’s largest hospital.

Prof Riaz Ahmed Warraich is also the head of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at King Edward Medical University and Mayo Hospital, Lahore.

But Prof Riaz’s appointment has become a serious concern among the senior physicians and the faculty members of Pims.

Staff members feel that Prof Mahmood Jamal — serving head of Pims — has positively contributed during his two-year stint with the hospital for the development of the institution.

A source added that Prof Jamal was disliked by the CAD minister, Nazar Mohammad Gondal, since he had refused to appoint a few political persons in the hospital.

However, a message circulated by the YDA committee headed by Dr Asfandyar Khan on Wednesday said: “YDA Islamabad and Joint Action Committee of the Pims have initiated a token strike in Outpatient Department (OPD) against the appointment of Dr Riaz Warriach as executive director of the hospital.”

“The OPD services were withdrawn from 11am to 1pm and all the doctors, paramedical and clerical staff of the hospital have warned the government that they will not allow anybody from outside Pims and we (YDA) will completely shutdown the services at the hospital,” says the text message sent to media by the YDA officials.

The message said: “The token strike will continue until the government cancels the notification of appointment of Prof Warraich as executive director of the hospital.”

“There will be complete strike and we will shut down OPD, in case an outsider is posted as the executive director of Pims,” Dr Asfyandyar Khan briefed the media along with Joint Action Committee members.

Dr Khan said: “Minister Gondal is not serious in helping the PPP government to improve governance and such decisions like posting of a Lahore-based physician as Pims head will not do any good for helping the management of the hospital.”

Dr Khan added: “We will completely shutdown every service at the hospital and federal minister and his government will be responsible for the mess if the government fails to cancel the notification of Prof Warraich.”

Meanwhile, the ministry also ignored senior physicians of the hospital for a likely posting as an executive director of the hospital saying: “Prof Aslam Shah, Prof Zaheer Abbasi, Prof Tariq, Prof Nadeem, and Prof Khaleequz Zaman, are the senior most physicians working at the hospital but they were never considered for the post.”

The official said that a few doctors can also be appointed as executive director of the hospital by the federal government and they are none other than Pims senior managers, Dr Altaf Hussain, Dr Raja Amjad, and Dr Jahanzeb Aurakzai — a blue eyed of PPP and the federal bureaucracy.

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Party Wear Collection 2012 by Sania Maskatiya

Sania Maskatiya aims to brighten up your day with a flirty range of Party Wear Collection 2012, she has launched recently.

Party Wear Collection 2012 by Sania Maskatiya includes trendy yet very sophisticated outfits for women to step out for a cozy hangout or party night.

The collection is composed of simple and elegant tunics paired with trousers, tights, or jeans, each giving a different look for partylicious occasions. Fashion designer Sania Maskatiya considers explicit designs blended with simplicity. Her latest Party Wear Collection 2012 also speaks softly but is quite impactful.

The use of hues makes the outfits more inviting with some having bold cuts and some with bold patterns.

You will really feel the grace wearing this Party Wear Collection 2012 by Sania Maskatiya.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cheesy Kofta with Creamy Sauce

Kofta is derivation of Persian word kufta and well desired cuisine in Middle East, South Asia and many other countries. One of the endless favorite recipes of Kofta lovers is Cheese Kofta with creamy sauce. The Cheese Kofta with creamy sauce recipe is very easy to make and delicious to eat. Get the quick recipe here at Fashion Central.

Ingredients of Cheese Kofta:

Cottage Cheese ½ cup
Mutton mince ½ kg
Egg white: 2
Corn Flour: 2 Tb-Sp
Chopped Onion: 1Tb-sp
Green Chili Chopped: 1Tb-sp
Mint leafs: ¼ cup
Red Chili: 1tea-sp
Salt as per taste
Oil for deep frying

Cut the cheese in cubes. Mix the mutton minces, cottage cheese, corn flour, and all other ingredients. Well chop all the ingredients. You may use chopper for mixing the ingredients. Corn flour and egg white will help to bind the Kofta balls. Squeeze out all the excess water from the above chopped mixture. Heat the oil in the pan and deep fry the Kofta balls. Shallow fry the Kofta balls, avoid giving dark colors. Cheese Koftas are ready, now we will make the creamy sauce.
Ingredients for Creamy Sauce:
Flour: 3 Tb-sp
Butter: 2 Tb-sp
Onion chopped: 1 Tb-sp
White pepper: ½ tea-sp
Black pepper: ½ tea-sp
Milk: ½ cup
Stock: 1 cup
Fresh cream: ½ cup


Take a pan, heat the butter and stir fry the 3 table spoon flour. After a minute add the onion and cook for 2 minutes until it get soft. Now add pepper, salt, milk, stock and mix well. Mix thoroughly when you adding all the ingredients in fried flour. Cook for 5 minutes until it become a thick sauce. Now add the fresh cream at the end.

In serving dish, put the Cheese Kofta balls and pour the creamy sauce on it. Garnish it with fresh parsley and mint leafs. Yummy Cheese Kofta with creamy sauce is ready to eat.

Maheen Karim talks to A Reporter

I was born on 31st August 1979 in Karachi and obtained all of my secondary school education at the Karachi Grammar School. On completion of my A levels I went on for further studies to specialize in Fashion Design Marketing at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London.

At Saint Martins I was taught the minutiae of design where the motto was “impossible is nothing” and the term wearable only meant that the garment should not disassemble whilst on the person. Design training there taught me that there are really no boundaries to abstraction and given the right raw materials and technical expertise it wasn’t impracticable to bring your creativity to life.

Design school groomed me to be a creator, to draw without any inhibitions and attempt to bring to life what I penned down in my sketches. Technical expertise was at hand and the sky was the limit. My degree course comprised of four academic years out of which one required practical training and work experience at an already established fashion house. I was fortunately selected by internationally acclaimed greats the likes of Hussein Chalayan (who that very year won himself the accolade of “Best Designer”), Julien Macdonald, Giorgio Armani and Vivienne Westwood.

My work experience at these long established household names taught me the ins and outs of designing in the real world. How to sift my creativity and channel it in order to provide the potential customer, who may not have as astute a design sense, with a garment or ensemble that boosts his or her confidence and allows them to feel better about themselves and feel special. I was involved in garment construction for international showcases like London Fashion Week, Moscow Fashion Week and Eye to Eye. In addition to this I was also made responsible for collating buyers’ orders and delegating to production units following the shows including Public Relations and Press events.

With a very chic, elegant graduation collection in women’s eveningwear and a host of design house work experience, I graduated from Saint Martins with flying colours and ventured forth to gain as much work experience in the west as I possibly could before I returned back home. I wanted to learn the business aspect of fashion as one of the world’s leading industries. I was offered a position at the global design house, Escada as Press and PR Manager UK. There I dealt with UK’s eminent fashion magazines, the likes of Vogue, Vanity Fair, Elle, and Red to name a few. The position taught me how to interact with journalists, stylists and employ marketing strategies involving the “who’s who” in order to gain brand recognition and placement in the market. My experience at Escada was absolutely priceless.

December 2004 I decided to move back to Pakistan and researched on starting on my own design label in order to experiment with cuts and shape for the local market. I started to put together a sample collection playing with silhouette and colour and putting together a women’s' western eveningwear collection. My designs cater to the young, affluent Pakistani woman who wants to dress glamorous and has no reserve. She is confident and bold, and she is looking for luxury that renders comfort.

My current collection includes floating skirts bearing the aura of a bright summer’s colourful palette, evening dresses embellished with encrusted Swarovski gems, smart in vogue shirts with ruffled twist and chic trousers. Stretching from Bohemian tops to Hellenic gathered drapes with silk tassels. And ofcourse, Maheen Karim’s signature stripe!

I aim to use the spectacular raw materials and craftsmanship obtainable to me in Pakistan to its fullest promise in order to create garments for which there is an extreme dearth in our country. The passion to create silhouettes and play with shape will hopefully allow me to furnish the woman of 21st Century Pakistan with a sanctuary where she is able find glamour and glitz in a garment without feeling the need to travel overseas in search of grandeur.

Western Wear Outfit 2012 by Maheen Karim

Maheen Karim latest concoction of Western Wear Outfit 2012 enchants girls with its luxurious designs created for fashion fanatic girls.

The ensembles carry elements of freshness and novelty with a class of white, aqua, yellow and a mix of prismatic tones that look more feminine and catchy. Maheen Karim is known for landing exquisite beauty in her designs. She always maintains super femininity in her couture that she does with her Western Wear Outfit 2012. The collection includes free spirited shirts, and plain cloaks.

Have a look at this Western Wear Outfit 2012 by Maheen Karim.

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Fancy Lace Window Coverings

Window coverings are both functional and decorative as they let fresh air in and allow you to see outside. Windows are the essential part of your house. By taking interest in their decoration you can make them more functional and eye catching. Here are some window decoration ideas using lace window coverings.
• Fancy Lace Window Coverings
Lace coverings as curtains or blinds are the perfect solution when you want a window treatment that is graceful and charming. Lace window decorations will lend air to your room with their delicate appearance. Lace window treatments and decorations include lace panels and curtains, lace tiers, lace window shades, and lace valances. Lace window coverings feature a variety of designs, from floral and leaf patterns to seashell and butterfly designs. There are some ideas for you to treat your window with lace coverings in more elegant ways.

Window Decoration Ideas With Lace Coverings

1. Lace Curtains

Different style lace curtains are available in the market. You can decorate your windows with lace curtain in various ways. In window decoration you can merge the flare curtains with the non flare plain curtain. Tie the flare parts with the ribbon while leaving the plain on window. It gives a royal look to your window.

2. Lace Panel Window Coverings

In window decoration you can use lace panels. If you want to change the typical look on windows, it would be a great choice to decorate the widow. Usually they are short in length and not thick in their texture. They look very nice in collaboration of shades.

3. Lace Window Tiers

Tiers are the line arrangements in window decorations. Lace tiers are available in the market in a huge verity. If you don’t want to cover your window due to some reasons, in window decoration chose beautiful lace tiers. Arrange them in symmetrical, vertical or horizontal order on edges of the window. Leave some space for fresh air and light.

4. Lace Window Shades

If the window is there for the purpose of light and cross ventilation, it would be difficult for you to decorate your window. To address these issues window shades are there to help you in window decoration. Shades hang on the top of your window; fancy lace shades aid you to decorate the windows without affecting the purpose of your window.

5. Lace Window Valances

Somehow they are similar to the window shades, but the difference is they are narrow in width. In window decorations you can merge valances with the lace curtains to make your windows more attractive. You can also use valances alone; it will look more trendy and modern.

Outdoor Design Solutions For Any Size Space

Everybody of us wants our homes to look perfect whether they are small or big, whether they are fully decorated or not, whether they have expensive furniture or not. So here we will see how we can decorate our home either it is big, villas, medium or small cottage sort of houses. Here the focus is mainly on the outdoor design. There are the outdoor decoration ideas available to you.

Comfortable Feel

As an outdoor decoration guide I will suggest you to first make sure that whatever you are planning, the environment should be fully safe and comfortable and have that comfort which you are actually planning for. The noise pollution is basically the main problem of many countries and having the same problem you cannot get relaxed and comfortable so better first have a look at all these things and then move forward.
Cross Your Boundaries

Cross your wall boundaries and come out in fresh air. This outdoor decoration guideline will help you get rid of the boredom. Come out in fresh air, breathe openly, feel like you are out for picnic and enjoy the fragrance of everything around you.
Small Balconies

Let’s start this outdoor decoration guide with considering small balconies. If you have a small house and a small balcony don’t mess up with putting a lot of things there. Be realistic. Bring fresh flowers from the market and some resting arm chairs as appropriate to the size of your balcony. Early in the morning, spent some time outside with your fresh flowers and a cup of tea. This outdoor decoration idea will surely help you to reduce stress and you will feel very energetic the whole day.
Medium To Large Outdoor Space

If you have medium to large outdoor space or this much space where you can have your whole family so this outdoor decoration idea will help you out. Bring some easy to make outdoor tables, the folding outdoor tables and a tea set with some colorful cushions for the chairs to enhance the beauty of your terrace. Have some artificial flowers by the side of your table and enjoy a family day out everyday.
Be Romantic

If you want to surprise your partner so let’s focus on one of the romantic outdoor decoration idea. Set a romantic table outside, in your balcony or terrace wherever you think is appropriate. Bring out some candles and hang solar lanterns which will give an excellent romantic and awesome look to your place. By this outdoor decoration guideline you can make your candle light dinner in the outdoor space available in your own house, no need to get ready, just a little romantic feel and your date is ready always.

Essential Screening Tests for Woman

A woman’s health is her treasure which is not only determined by reproductions and biological factors but also by workload stress, stress war and nutrition. Regular and proper checkups are very important for women health care especially screening test for women because screening test for women will prove to be very useful in order to indentify the problem related to women health care far more earlier rather than finding out on a fatal stage of a disease. Regular screening test for women are equally important for women health care the same way good and healthy diet, stress management and regular exercise.

There are several screening test for women who can prove to be useful and can make keeping tabs on women health care simple and easy. Now time for me to let you know about the essential screening test for women and women health care.
1 - Blood Pressure Screening:

Having your blood pressure checked up is important for everyone and especially for women health care. Women should get their blood pressure checked at least around every 2 years from the age of 18. The average or ideal blood pressure for women is below 120/80 mmHG. If it is not around that proper steps and medical assistance are required for women health care.
2 - Cholesterol:Same as the blood pressure screening, cholesterol check up is equally important for women health care because it is very important to decrease the chances of heart attack or any other cardiac disease. Cholesterol should be checked up once every 5 years starting from the age of 20 of a woman. The cholesterol level of a woman should be below 200 mg/dl for total cholesterol.
3 - Bone Density Screening:

Bone density screening test for women is also a necessity. A woman should have a bone density screening test around the age of 65 for osteoporosis but should be screened earlier if one has a broken bone or a slender frame. You just have to lie down on the scanning machine and let it take X-rays of certain bones of your body. Healthy bones of the body show a T-score of -1 or higher than that. The score will be different for different women depending upon the bone density and risk factor.
4 - Breast Exam:

Yet another very important screening test for women and women health care. A woman should start having clinical breast exam once in every 3 years from the age of 20 to 40. In this exam no such machinery is involved and is a manual exam. The doctor uses her fingers to check for any abnormalities or lumps.
5 - Body Mass Index:

Body mass index is another important examination for women health care. This examination includes a full yearly measurement your weight, height and calculation of your body mass also known as BMI. BMI is useful for indicating obesity which can trigger serious health problems such as diabetes and heart diseases.
6 - Dental Check Up:Regular dental check up is important for everyone not only for women health care because dental health is very important from the moment when a baby’s baby teeth are sprouting. An adult woman needs to get dental checkup at least twice a year which is very important for women health care. Regular dental checkups include cleaning, sometimes x-rays and complete examination of your teeth to keep them well healthy and cavity free.

Living near the Ocean or Inland? Which Is Healthier ?

Pakistan has many revolutionary changes in the living standards of the human beings. Along with, many health hazards and problems cause human beings to suffer. Geographically, Pakistan is located in the region where rain fall is low and climate is arid. That ultimately means that interaction of its habitants is less with the natural sources of water like oceans and rivers. Best health ideas are frequently dealing with the natural resources.

Fast growing population and mushrooming of traffic vehicles has brought many sufferings. In the process of human development health care tips and best health ideas has occupied the most important position as it is most needed in the time of industrial development. Many researchers have been associated in this job in order to find the best health ideas so that the effect of pollution and over population can be minimized.

According to the natural scientists and traditional beliefs natural health care tips are more effective as their origin is natural and pure. Analysis of Pakistan census 1998 shows that the people living near sea regions and countryside are enjoying better health. Case study of millions of people living in Karachi and inlands of Punjab shows that one of the best possible health care tips recommends people to live or at least visit coastal regions frequently. Medilol, one of the leading Pharmaceutical portal, rated this idea as one of the best health ideas that living near ocean would not only ensure relatively best health it would also play an important part in reducing the inequalities and issues among the rich and poor class of the society.

There are many health care tips that have been discussed by many physiologists and doctors in order to tackle the perceived health hazards of the industrial development. Doctor Muhammad Rehan Gul, A Pharmacist from University of Lahore, presented his studies and discussed best health ideas. He believed that natural environment and natural drinks like water and juices is ideal for best health and recommend natural health care tips by encouraging people to spend their major part of the life by seas and oceans rather than inland. It has been observed commonly that most of the doctors recommend some health care tips and give best health ideas as per their study and research and according to the studies conducted one can see that the most recommended healthier sites are either hill stations or some sea side or coastal region. Some natural health care tips may include laughter, calm attitude and simple life but the living by the sea is of prime importance.

It has many benefits that cannot be covered by any other best health ideas. living by sea i.e. in Gawadar not only ensure fresh air and pollution free environment but it would also assure the tension free environment, simple life full of natural blessings and benefits.

Many naturalists rated natural environment as the most desirable among all natural health care tips and best health ideas. One of the leading portals dealing with the natural health care tips has listed many best health ideas and stated clearly that the inland inhabitants cannot enjoy the pleasures that can be enjoyed the people living by the sea side. Let me quote some best health ideas in order to let people know that the life can be made much simpler.

Launch of Silk by Fawad Khan in Islamabad

The successful launch of new fashion label Silk in Lahore, led its way to Islamabad by its owner, famous drama artist Fawad Khan in collaboration with his wife Sadaf Khan, who is also the designer of Silk.

The launch of Silk banged at L’atelier in Islamabad in the presence of isloo fashionistas and dazzling gathering of socialites. The prêt a porter stocked by Fawad Khan and Sadaf Khan included trendy shalwar qameez for girls and women in variety of patterns and diverse designs.

Fawad Khan and his wife Sadaf Khan were very excited at the launching event of their premium fashion label Silk in Islamabad, which is also available at ONE by Ensemble and Ensemble Karachi.

The media and PR of launch of Silk in Islamabad were handled by lotus whereas photographs were taken by Qamar Anwar.

5 Beauty Care Tips For All Types Of Skin

Winter is harsh and dry but your skin does not have to be. Drink plenty of water and keep skin dryness and itchiness away, they say, but is this enough? Nay! While this might be one of the tips, read our remaining Skin Care Tips to replenish the glow of your skin this winter.
1. Moisturize your skin as much as you can in winters

Do you know that your skin care routine demands a change with weather? For example, you need a water-based cream in summers and an oil-based lotion, cream or ointment in winter. The rationale behind it is to form a protective layer on your skin to prevent moisture escape and skin dryness. While you choose skin oil, go for mineral oil, avocado oil and almond oil etc. Butter or Shea oil can clog your skin pores making it really greasy.
2. Be gentle to your skin in winters

If you find dry and brittle skin on your face, hands and feet, you need not use harsh peels or astringents on them because they can filch your skin’s vital oil leaving it dryer. Add cleansing milk or foaming cleanser to your winter skin care range and peel mildly with plenty of skin hydrating.
3. Avoid excessive skin exposure

Harsh winter elements i.e. cold winds, freezing temperature etc. are disastrous for your skin and one of the main reasons of skin dryness in winters. Wear gloves, scarf and warm dress while you go out. Apply sunscreen on face and hands at least 30 minutes before going out because glare of winter sun is equally harsh to your skin.
4. Avoid hot baths

Sure, it feels great to dip your feet in hot baths in winters but do you know that intense hot shower breaks down the lipid barrier of your skin resulting in loss of moisture? Prefer lukewarm baths instead and make sure you stay in water for less time. Add a pinch of baking soda to your bath to stave off the skin itchiness – one of the leading causes of skin dryness.
5. Eat healthyto give your body all the necessary nutrients and energy it needs in winters

This is the best winter skin care tip for all those who are interested. Eat as many green vegetables as you can in winters. Fresh fruits i.e. sweet grapes, apples, juicy berries etc. are a great way to maintain your body’s fluid balance.

Finally comes the drink plenty of water part about which there is absolutely no denying. Practice skin care by giving your body plenty of water. Water is essential to keep your skin well-hydrated; it helps excrete the toxins and wastes from your body. Intake of 8 – 10 glasses of water is a must for everyone who wants healthy glowing skin all year long and not just winters.

Launch of Monsoon

The magical event set to launch the British high street brand MONSOON in Lahore was all about lot of freshness and lure for stylish people.

After the warm welcome received to Monsoon brand in Karachi, a new Monsoon store banged for lahoris at Main Boulevard, Gulberg, Lahore. The launch of Monsoon in Lahore witnessed a crowd of people rushing in to admire new fashion store in town.

Fashion models such as Peerzada and Sonia Nazir also attended the launching event and presented beautiful MONSOON dresses. There was arranged Mediterranean-style hors d’oeuvres and pink colored cocktails by Cosa Nostra for all guests who also enjoyed French macaroons prepared by LALS Chocolate.

The enchanting décor done by Forget Me Not flower boutique added more charm at the Monsoon launching event.

Alle’nora Clothing Line Exhibition by Aliya Tipu

The famous fashion maestro Alle’nora Aliya Tipu held a luxurious exhibition of her clothing line at her boutique in Karachi to mark Pakistan’s Independence Day.

After the big success of Alle’nora Aliya Tipu designer wear exhibition in Dubai, she made her way to Karachi, presenting a wide range of mesmerizing outfits. The star studded event of Alle’nora Clothing Line Exhibition involved the presence of many celebrities, fashionistas, socialites and media persons.

The Aliya Tipu’s Alle’nora Clothing Line was exhibited by Pakistan’s top models such as Ayyan Ali, Fauzia, Iraj, Sana and some male models. The sparkling ambiance, presence of stars and divas made the Aliya Tipu’s Clothing Line Exhibition more exciting for which the Media and PR was managed by Sumeha Khalid of IDEAS Events PR.

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Samia Ahmed's New Collection Fro Women

Samia Ahmed's New Collection Fro Women 

Samia Ahmed disclosed a few casual dresses through a photo shoot for a magazine. Samia Ahmed casual dresses 2012 have an ethnic look due to their ethnic prints. They are a great blend of modern and traditional dresses. They provide you with the perfect Bohemian look. Samia Ahmed casual dresses 2012 are quite different from anything introduced earlier by the designer. The stylish dresses are quite creative and different. Samia Ahmed casual dresses 2012 are also very colorful. We are sure that young women with fall in love with the prints of the dresses.

Samia Ahmed launched her label in the year 2005. She has managed to build a solid position in the competitive fashion industry of Pakistan. Samia Ahmed has also graduated from one of the finest art schools of Pakistan. She is quite passionate about her work and that shows in her dresses. Many women love her nice dresses. For example, many women gave positive comments about Samia Ahmed 2012 eid outfits. The designer is quite versatile and provides a wide range of outfits from traditional to chic. She provides bridal wear outfits, prêt wear, couture and exclusive block prints. Samia Ahmed can be contacted via email or phone.

Samia Ahmed casual dresses 2012 can be seen in the pictures below. Amina Sheikh has modeled Samia Ahmed casual dresses 2012 for the shoot. Photography is by Ayaz Anis and makeup is by Raana Khan. If you need to find out more about Samia Ahmed and her outfits, then go to its Facebook fan page. You will get the contact details of the designer and see her past dresses there. The Facebook fan page web address is provided. You can also find some of Samia Ahmed collections featured on

Samia Ahmed Facebook Fan Page:

LAtest Bollywood Film ''Ek Tha Tiger'' Gets Banned In Paksitan

'Ek Tha Tiger' Banned In Paksitan

Salman Khan’s upcoming film ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ is facing severe criticism by Pakistani government who recently called a ban on film as well as on its promos.

All Pakistani satellite TV channels received a letter from PEMRA stating that ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ is based on the activities of ISI and RAW and portrays ISI in a bad way thus must not be released in Pakistan.

Whereas, Salman Khan and the director of film ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ Kabir Khan has said to visit Pakistan. In an interview Kabir Khan said “Neither Salman nor I have ever visited Pakistan. So why not? We are willing to do anything that`s required to make Pakistanis believe that our project is not against them. I don`t think the trailer being banned is a big deal. Once the film releases, the truth will be out."

He also clarified on twitter, “I will say it once more... ?#EkThaTiger? is NOT anti Pakistan...(sic)”.

Salman Khan has a great fan following in Pakistan. Let’s wait and see either his ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ will have a ban or gets released in Pakistan in August, 2012.

Pakistani Super Star Reema Khan Will Be A Mom Very Soon

According to a report Pakistani filmstar and producer Reema Khan has extended her visit to America as she is expecting her very first baby. The Reema Khan and husband Dr Tariq Shahab are very happy to become parents whereas Reema expressed her joy saying, ''It is the great gift for a woman to become a mother''.

Reema’s friends Rambo, Resham and Sahiba also congratulated her. Recently, the couple Reema Khan and Dr Tariq Shahab also attended a reception in White House Washington, being invited by the US President Barack Obama to speak over the Bill to cut taxes. The reception was given to 100 Pakistanis by US State Department.

We wish Reema Khan many blessings and good luck to be a mother soon.

Mona Liza Says No To Indian Movies

Mona Liza Says No To India

Mona Liza, who had appeared in Bollywood film Kajraare with Himesh Reshammiya, has now decided to move to India to do more films there. Reportedly, she has also bought a furnished apartment and a car over there. But much awful is that, Mona Liza has rejected the offers of 2 South Indian and 1 Bollywood film.

According to Mona Liza, she does not want to make quick and wrong decision for films. She wants to do something more creative and influencing in Bollywood to which she is still looking for.

We hope Mona Liza to get it soon. Keep your fingers crossed.

Famous Fashion Houses Mausummery and Origins Have Become Partners

Mausummery and Origins Have Become Partners 

Two famous fashion houses of Pakistan ''Mausummery and Origins'' have become partners to launch their new flagship store in Defence Lahore.

At the launching event of joint venture of Mausummery and Suleman Pervez’s Origins, a large crowd of fashionistas splashed in to buy the trendy outfits. The flagship store had the beautiful Origins ready-to-wear Eid collection and the MauSummery embroidered and lawn print collection. It also offers more for Eid and formal wear.

Also, Suleman Pervez, the Origins ready-to-wear Co-founder said, “This collaborated effort offers a one stop solution to customers whether its prêt or printed lawn, giving our clients a wide variety to choose from.”

The launch of Mausummery and Origins flagship store in Lahore was none less than a glamorous event witnessing top fashion models Mehreen Syed, Nadia Ali and Natasha Hussain walking the red carpet.

Well! the store is awesome addition for lovers of Mausummery and Origins collections

Sara Chaudhary Become A True Muslim And Leaves The Showbiz Permanently

Sara Chaudhry Leaves Showbiz

Pakistani actress Sara Chaudhary has said good bye to showbiz and become a true practicing Muslim. She now observes Islamic hijab and is indulged in preaching (hadayah) activities.

Sara Chaudhary is known for her tremendous acting skills in Pakistan showbiz and has performed in many popular dramas such as “Tareekian”, “malangi”, “Tere janey ke baad”, “dil diya dehleez”, “tere pehlu main”, “whο rishtey whο natay”, “December” аnd “khuda zameen se gya nahin”. She has touched the peak of success in a short span of time and has a huge fan following.

Recently, Sara Chaudhary has announced to leave acting and showbiz forever as it is not allowed in Islam. She has become a God fearing Muslim now and learns Islamic teachings by joining Fahm-ul-Quran classes in Al-Huda International.

Indeed, it is a super transition for a successful actress like Sara Chaudhary. She has got true spiritual guidance of Allah Almighty.

We congratulate Sara Chaudhary for becoming an inspiration for all betrayed hearts.

Indian Hottie Katrina Kaif Says No To 25 Million Rupees Offer From Pakistan

 Katrina Kaif Says No To Pakistan

Bollywood Fim Star Katrina Kaif Says to a big catchy offer of  25 million rupees from Pakistan which was presented to her just for one night show.

As we know many Bollywood actresses such as Kareena Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Sushmita Sen and Karishma Kapoor have endorsed a number of textile brands in Pakistan but the Indian hottie Katrina Kaif seems no more interested in doing the same. A few days ago, she was offered an amount of 25 million rupees from a famous media house owner in Karachi, to be a guest on his night show and also to have an endorsement deal with the brand, but Katrina Kaif knocked down such a big offer.

The great popularity of Katrina Kaif’s item numbers such as ‘sheela ki jawani’ and ‘chikni chameli’ has increased her fan following in Pakistan. She regularly receives several offers from Pakistani brand owners, but keeps on refusing due to security issues for crossing the border.

Veena Malik Launches a New Indian Channel of News

Veena Malik Launches Sahara's News Channel

Pakistani Film Star Veena Malik invited at the most auspicious moment of Sahara by Sahara group head Subrata Roy for their launch of new News channel. She was felicitate by Sahara Group head Subrata Roy.

Veena Malik Said, “I feel very pleasure that Sahara group president subrata Roy invited me as a guest of this auspicious event. Media play a very important role in our society and I am very lucky to be a part of it.”

Sahara Group Head Subrata Roy praises veena’s and said, “Today is a very a big day for me as it's a launch of my new News Channel and its feel great that Veena Malik the super actress is being the part of it.”

Veena was seen sharing platform with Bollywood singer Anu Malik, Sport Minister Ajay Makan, LJP President Ram Vilas Paswan and RJD president Laloo Prasad Yadav.

RJD President Laloo Prasad Yadav who was present at the event said, “Veena is a wonderful actor she portray herself very best and it’s good to see her.”

President of L JP and Rajya Sabha MP Ram Vilas Paswan said, “Being the part of this event it’s a great feel for everyone and the present of Veena add glamour to the launch.”

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Most Commen Symptoms of Breast Cancer

The secretion,The nodules, Pain

It ’a frequent symptom and almost always linked to a benign condition. A modest physiological secretion is often linked to inflammation or temporary. If the discharge is continuous or serosanguineous may be due to the presence of a papilloma (benign lesion) or, rarely, a tumor. In this case, you should consult to a specialist.
One must distinguish between diffuse nodularity and single nodule. The first is generally linked to the shape of the breast or glandular (after 35-40 years) in the presence of small cysts: therefore has no importance.

The nodule is isolated but an important symptom and requires a specialist. But do not be alarmed the first time, because most of the lumps and breast changes are benign.

It ’usually the main cause that leads a woman to ask a specialist. It is often bilateral and associated with the menstrual cycle, it is sometimes unilateral and lasts even after the cycle or after menopause appears: in each case the pain does not have any connection with the tumor, being mainly related to functional causes.

Shirin Hassan's New Block Printed Formal Wear Collection 2012

Shirin Hassan's New Block Printed Formal Wear Collection 2012

Shirin Hassan revealed her block printed formal wear collection . Shirin Hassan block printed formal wear collection 2012 consists of colorful outfits that are fit for wearing to a wedding. The outfits in Shirin Hassan block printed formal wear collection 2012 are very traditional. They have nice beadwork on the front of their shirts. Long A-line and angarkha style shirts with trousers and dupattas can be found in this collection. The shirts of all the stylish dresses in Shirin Hassan block printed formal wear collection 2012. On the whole, it can be said that the collection is a bit different from the earlier collections by the brand.

Shirin Hassan launched her label in the year 2005. She has built quite a fan following over the years due to her stylish outfits. She has become even more famous with the launch of Shirin Hassan lawn 2012. The designer is famous for block printing in which she is an expert. Mostly, she does block printing on silks for formal and prêt wear. However, she did block printing on lawn recently and now plans on introducing block printed chiffons. The designer has participated in many different fashion shows in Pakistan and abroad. Her outfits can be found at many different multi-designer stores in Pakistan.
Shirin Hassan Facebook Fan Page:

Pakistani Fashion Houses are Opening in India Very Soon

Pakistani Fashion in India

Famous Pakistani brands and Fashion Houses are expected to open exclusive retail outlets in India very soon, according to a news report published in Times of India.

According to the report in Times of India states that some of famous Pakistani stores such as SEFAM have a presence in Indian market and are catering to the Indian clientele.
Although many Pakistani products reach Indian market via Dubai and Singapore, however exclusive outlets, by prominent designers, are still unheard of.

Mian Mansha, CEO of Nishat Group, is hopeful that the Indian government will remove trade constraints and he also expects the export duty on textile items to lower down for facilitation of trade.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Finally Schools Are Open After Summer Vacations

Going Back To School
Mostly school matters can lead to certain complexities arising within kids & can have an important impact on their healthy upbringing & their studies in particular. Here are some of them.

Encourage the Shy Children
Shyness is one of the major issues in most kids. Kids tend to develop some sort of shyness that can be attributed to the specific 'warm up' time taken by children to adjust at some place. It can also be due to some sort of fear or any other relating issue that’d be bugging the kid. Many kids have the fear to be laughed at when trying to get themselves heard, and not being successful. Some children are sensitive and take such unfortunate events seriously. Parents should counsel their children for such matters. Their problems should be carefully addressed and the cause of such problems be rooted out. The best way would be to make the kid stand out in front of family members and heard regarding his/her matters. A problem of this magnitude can have a bad impact on the lives of children who are not provided attention in this regard.

Looking After Children And Have Appropriate Expectations
All children are the same and everyone has his own caliber. Everyone must be individually attended by parents and their capabilities carefully administered. That helps them to set certain level of expectations from their different children. This really makes a child concentrate more on their specific area of interest that has proven to be moreeffective in development of an individual.
Family matters influence children a lot, especially the teenagers. Issues ranging from getting scolded from parents, getting a detention, strict nature of parents to separation of parents can have an everlasting change on the way a child or a teenager perceives the world around them. Parents should avoid harsh attitude on their children and have a better relation amongst them. This in turn makes them confident enough to share their problems with them. Also it’s better for one of the parent to develop a good relation and understanding with the child. This ensures them a shoulder to rely upon and relieves them from a lot of stress and keeps them from bad company that would otherwise have an adverse effect on their living habits in the later life.

New Lipstick Shades for Summer 2012

From the whole range, This summer  the most attractive item of the makeup is lipstick . Just as the clothing department is having their appreciation in the color trend, make up items are also getting appreciation in this regard. This summer brings beautiful colors of lipstick. Whether you are going to your university, attending a  party or walking on a ramp, your look is never complete without a perfect shade of lipstick. Be it joyous sunshine or glorious moonlight, the vivid colors of lipstick is an instant mood lifter for the onlookers and yourself. So, all the ladies out there be ready as the lipstick shades this season are about to raid your lips.

Red Lipstick Shade
The scarlet shade of lipstick makes the moment shiny and bright. Red color not only looks ravishing on fair complexion but looks very eye catching on brunettes as well. Red lipstick itself has many shades. The secret to choosing the right red lipstick color is in the undertones. Cheery red color looks good on pink skinned tone whereas fire red is for those ladies who have olive skin color and deep red is for those who have dark skins.

 Coral Lipstick Shade
Coral is that lipstick shade that goes with every type of skin tone whether it’s blonde, brunette or black. The bright and perfect shade of coral lipstick can be combined with every outfit you have chosen. Prefer light shade of coral with brighter eyes and bright shade of coral with nude make up. The combination of bright eyes and bright lips never suits any skin tone. To make your lips more appealing, use a glossy coral lipstick other than using a matte one.

Violet Lipstick Shade
Violet lipstick with a creamy, glossy and squishy looks incredible on lips. Feeling slave to makeup trends is always risky because you are not sure that everything that is in will look hot on you. Violet lipstick looks amazing on fair complexion and goes with casual dresses only. Violet lips would look amazing either with a rosy pick tunic or a white dress shirt.

Sania Maskatiya New Party Wear Collection 2012

Sania Maskatiya is a very well reputed fashion designer of Pakistan is working for their customers with eligible and stylish outfits. Sania Maskatiya Party Wear 2012 collection has recently designed and launched with full of beautiful and stylish outfits.