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New Year’s Eve Party Shoes

Sparkle in high style! New Year’s is not so far away and a real woman should always be ready, it’s that one special day to sport some major bling! And what better way to add glitz than shoes? For this upcoming New Year’s Eve party and beyond, these crystal & rhinestone encrusted heels will be your go-to shoes any time you want to add oomph to your outfit. We call them shoe-jewels! Give yourself an extra treat with a luxury pair.

Fall/Winter Coats 2012

New Season coats and jackets for Fall and Winter 2012
Winter and the cold weather is coming. You can wrap up warm but still look fantastic in this Winter’s fabulous coats.
All shapes and styles here from the top designers to budget fashion buys – so snuggle up and browse.

2012 Fashion Awards

With the 2012 Lebara Mobile Asian Music Awards fast approaching (this Thursday 25th October), here in the Asian Woman mag office our excited attentions are focused on that age-old problem; what are we going to wear?! So as prepare ourselves for one of the most exciting events of the year, we decided to take a look back at 2012’s most memorable red carpet moments in both Bollywood and Hollywood. What’s your favourite? Let us know.
RIHANNA stole the spotlight at this year’s VMA Awards in a pure white gown. The knotted centre added the shape whereas her bright red lipstick added a clash of colour. Can this girl do no wrong?
CARRIE UNDERWOOD looks ultra-luxe in this Gomez-Gracia lace gown at the Grammys. The American-Idol singer gets it spot on with minimalistic pinned back hair and a sparkly black clutch.

CHITRANGADA SINGH looked simple and elegant in this red and white saree at the IIFA Awards. We love the hot pink undertones, which add a pop of colour.
EMMA STONE is the definition of glamour in this burgundy/plum gown by Lanvin at the Golden Globe Awards. A simple clutch completed the look. Perfection!
FREIDA PINTO goes “old Hollywood” at the Golden Globe Awards. The Asian beauty wears a crisp blue gown styled with a Chopard necklace and gold clutch. Smoky eyes finished ofF her look.
NARGIS FAKRHI stole the show at the IIFA Awards this year. The beaded blouse and deep blue saree look both modern and elegant, and the high collared blouse adds a perfect modern twist.
PENELOPE CRUZ stunned in this memorable Giorgio Armani frock. The traditional Hollywood outfit looked perfect on her. And we just love the dirty pastel blue colour.
PRIYANKA CHOPRA looked fabulous accepting her IIFA Award this year. She shone on stage in an embroidered white saree with a hot pink edge.
SHRIYA SARAN looked colourful and playful in this bright pink and royal blue saree at the IIFA Awards this year. Simple make-up kept the attention on the striking colour scheme of the saree.
NICOLE SCHERZINGER went for a pale yellow studded dress at this year’s Brit Awards. Teamed with her long straight black hair, Nicole looked bold and unique on the carpet.

Indian Inspired, Vintage and New Handcrafted Jewelry

It was a short while ago I came Meenoo twitter, one look at her goods on Esty and i was in love. It reminds me a little of the really expensive jewellery sets that have been handed down to my mother, from nani, they a real old age charm about, but are locked away, far to delicate to wear everyday.
Meenoo Mishra aka Minou Bazaar hails from Virginia, United States, were she designs and make all the jewellery for her Etsy store – {Minou Bazaar} she lives with her husband and cats. Here she talks about her art plus what inspires her..
“I make Indian-inspired jewelry. As I say on my site, you will find Indian-style jewelry as well as jewelry for global nomads, romantic old souls, and elephant and peacock enthusiasts at Minou Bazaar! The jewelry I make is the kind I like to wear myself. I realized that while I love Indian jewelry, it can be rather ornate to wear everyday. So I set about creating fusion jewelry, with the best of Indian and American design.
I love vintage and old jewelry so I almost always have vintage beads or components in my designs. I am inspired by color, nature, and history but I always incorporate Indian patterns, colors, motifs, or symbols in my jewelry. Indian jewelry is also influenced by Persian and Arabic design so I look to that beautiful world for inspiration as well. Sometimes I go traditional but mostly I like to make jewelry that is reminiscent of Indian and South Asian design.

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Braid Hairstyles 2012-13 for Asians | Party Hair Fashion

Collection autumn-winter 2011-2012 were filled with literally all kinds of braids and pigtails, confirming to the delight of many, that favorite childhood hairstyle again relevant.
The intricate braiding hair instead of the usual tail not only creates a unique image, reputation and mistress, because the ability to braid braids given not for everyone. At the same time, the skill of weaving braids can be learned, if a little effort. Kosopletenie wonderful complement the basic hair or become very basic. With all the variety of braids, braid and how they lay, perhaps, there is not one girl who will not spit.
Here we are going to share you some of the best Braids Hair Style fashion 2012-13 Asian girls as well as western fashion. These types of hairstyles are mostly like for parties and special events. Lets have a look.

Latest Braid Hair Fashion
To braid her hair long and lush , wash your hair and plait them loosely, especially roots. If the resulting amount is small, poddergivaya curls at the sides, to give an additional amount, fixing her hair lacquer. Actual this season became the braid braided around her head. hairstyle is suitable for both day and evening dress. If you are the original nature and not boring, woven into a braid ribbons, flowers, hair pins. The image will be more feminine and romantic, if you weave a braid carelessly, intentionally leaving free the individual strands.

Party Style
In addition, fashion designers today's call is not just a standard weave braids and hair styles with a variety of novel ways of weaving. You can tighten the hair into a tight bundle, or weave in her hair colored hair, shreds. Spit can be dense and tight, or, conversely, light and airy, three-dimensional or flat.

Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hairs

Are you going to be the forthcoming bride in the coming months? Are you all set with your bridal dress and makeup? Well it is a natural fact that all the brides get curious for their wedding planning just before few months of the wedding. But on the other hand there are many brides as well that have the complicated troublesome regarding the hairstyles for the long hairs. It is said that long hairs are the biggest sign of women attraction and she can manage her long hairs with the wide ranges of hairstyles on her wedding. But we are all here for solving the main problem of the brides. In this article we are mentioning some of the main and known wedding hairstyles for long hairs. When you firstly make the choice of the hairstyle just make sure that the hairstyle should matched well with the bridal dress. Most importantly the hairstyle must be managed in such a way that it also makes the veil and jewellery noticeable as well.

One of the most famous hairstyle for the wedding hairstlye has been the asymmetry. This hairstyle is just similar to one shoulder gown as all the hairs are placed at one side of the shoulder with the little strokes of the curls. In this article we are mentioning few pictures of wedding hairstyles for long hairs. Next we have the ponytail. Just allow few curls on the ponytail and then tie up the hairs tightly. You can even make the choice of applying the glitters and long flower veil for making the ponytail even extra attractive and striking. On the whole many brides can even favor the use of the updos as well that are much famous these days. You can just take the help from the pictures and just try them on wedding day.

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Latest Winter Designer Collection 2013

It’s a compliment we hear all the time, and one that is often repeated especially when it pertains to young girls and women. Pretty as Pink can refer to the shade of an outfit, the mood of an outfit or even the glow on someone’s face: in this exclusive article, we talk to top designers of Pakistan about their opinion on the color pink.

Third Day Festivities of Eid-ul-Azha- The Festival of Sacrifice

Eid-ul-Azha symbolize the end of the hajj, commemorates Ibrahim’s Faith and devotion to Allah. Muslims celebrate this festival by sacrifice a cow, lamb or camel and distribute its meat among family, relatives and poor. Food is dominant chapter of the whole celebration and mostly, is in the form of elegant family feasts which mostly includes meat dishes and desserts. People wear new clothes on this Fest. Many designers launch their special collections for Eid. Women and young girls wear different colorful bangles, jewellery; apply henna on their hands, arms and feet.

In many regions around the world, it is also known as Eid-ul-kabir; people start their day with a Morning Prayer and sacrifice of the animal- a cow, goat or camel. People greet each other, exchange gifts and they have feast with their family and friends. It is a custom to prepare organ meats, for instance liver, kidneys and heart, on the day of the sacrifice and entertain all three days of the festival with varieties of meatier dishes including steamed lamb and Mrouzia (a beef casserole with raisins). Different kinds of desserts are made which add colors to this Eid Festival. Special dishes of fruit, candy and salads are placed on table for kids. First two days of the Eid are quite hectic and many people spent it by hosting lunches and dinners.

Third day- the last day of the meat-fest starts with sweet breakfast such as Seviyan, or vermicelli noodles, kheer (rice pudding) and sheer khurma. Few people start their day with healthy meatier dishes such as Paaye ka salan, Nihari, Haleem and Magaz Masla (Brain Curry). Most of the people plan to spend third day of Eid with people which they find to do I regular days. It is easy to plan something different on this day such as picnic, watch a movie, or other outside activity.

Many people like to go out to visit their relatives living outside the town. Some people spend their day visiting different amusement parks, cinemas with friends and families. In the evening, everyone gathers at sophisticated family feast where friends and relatives celebrate few last hours of Eid. Dinner mostly includes barbecue, Meat loaf, Stuffed Red Peppers (Stuff bell peppers with a mixture of rice, beef, mushrooms, onions, garlic, and tomatoes), Salisbury steak with Mushrooms (Seasoned beef patties are simmered in a mushroom and onion sauce) and Beef Pasta. Desserts mostly include Feerni, Kheer, Custard, Fudge Brownie, Muffins and Apple Pie with ice- cream.

Team of Fashion Central celebrated wishes everyone a very delightful, pleasant and wonderful Eid day. Celebrate it with essence of brotherhood and embrace each other with love and walk together in harmony. Make your Eid holiday as perfect time for your friends and family. It’s time to end up all the disputes and make your life cheerful and contend. Try to enjoy all minute moments with your family with you might have ignored in your regular days with bliss of cheerfulness. Stay blessed and a happy Eid Mubarik!

The Latest Plastic Surgery Craze? A Nip-Tuck For Your Toes

During the last decade there has been a tremendous progress in the field of plastic surgery with the introduction of new techniques. Now men and women can easily change the way they want to look. Although cosmetic surgery is an expensive process, its trend is rising day by day. The other reason behind its rising trend is the urge and desires to look perfect. Some time ago,plastic surgeons were only focused on bringing change in the bigger picture, but now with the help of latest techniques, they have now been able to into minute details as well for example,toe nails. Here are some latest plastic surgeries for toes:

• Weight Loss Surgery For Your Toes
Although weight loss surgery for your toes can be harmful, people are still opting to have their toes surgically slimmed to fit into latest stilettoes and platform heels. One said that beauty needs perfections but not every woman wants to go to this height of perfection. The process usually involves liposuction to the toes but in an extreme situation, women don’t resist to have their toe removed. On the contrary, the surgery can also lead to infection and difficulty in walking.

• Pillows For Your Feet
Coined loub jobs are in a high demand these days because of the rising trend of high heels. People get this cosmetic surgery specifically to wear high heels by the designer Christian Louboutin. In this surgery, doctors use fat or sculptra to support the heel so, that women support their loubs painlessly. This surgery is not only common in women but also in men. Men go through this surgery to alleviate pain of their feet. Moreover, this surgery is very expensive and hence, not everyone can afford it.

• Botox Injections
People get these Botox injections to stop their feet from sweating. It’s for those people who are very conscious not only about the way they look but also the way they smell. Botox injection is a very painful procedure but people are willing to bear this pain other than being stuck with stinky feet for the rest of their lives.

• Laser Therapy
Laser therapy in not new in the field of cosmetic surgery but when it comes to your toe nails, not many people have heard about it. People go through this laser therapy to eradicate toe nail fungus in a single session. Women mostly go for laser therapy to remove hair from their toes and feet.

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Collection of Sonya Battla at Fashion Pakistan Week 2012 Day 1

Fashion designer Sonya Battla presented a sophisticated range of layered and one shoulder tunics in saturated and ivory tones on day 1 of Fashion Pakistan Week 2012.

Sonya Battla played up with block prints and screen-prints over crepe silk to create simple but appealing ensembles. Her moony silhouettes contained long length tunics, A-line shirts, knee short shirts and kaftans paired with tights and pajamas.

The necklines and shoulder of Sonya Battla Collection were beautifully embellished with flamboyant patterns brushed over deep black base. There was also a display of resham kaam in the dress worn by fashion model Iraj. Fashion models Ayyan and Rubya Chaudhry also walked in simple elegant outfits.

Let's have a look at Sonya Battla Collection showcased at Fashion Pakistan Week 2012 Day 1.

Collection of Warda Saleem at Fashion Pakistan Week 2012 Day 1

The Folk Play Collection by Warda Saleem at Fashion Pakistan Week 2012 Day 1 aimed to recall one of his childhood being inspired by lattoo (spinning top) and ghulail (slingshot). It also incorporated the wooden horse from a child’s toy collection.

All outfits of Warda Saleem were bold, dynamic and innovative imprinted with digital patterns such as the jumpsuits, tunics and pleated A-line dresses. The black and white base hues were contrasted with sharp orange and yellow prints to catch attention.

It might be true to say that Warda Saleem Collection at Fashion Pakistan Week 2012 Day 1 really saved the day with her stunning range of cuts.

Stylish Look On Eid-ul-Azha 2012

Whatever age group a person belongs to, body type one possesses, looking stylish is the birth right of every individual. Young or old, fat or slim good styling sense can cover so many physical flaws in a person. Eid ul Azha is right around the corner with lots of get together, dinners, lunches, tea parties and socializing. At major religious events like Eid it’s important to look your best since it’s that time of the year you get to meet so many people who you have been wanting to and many you do not desire to yet have to.

Here are some latest styling tips and trends to follow this Eid-ul-Azha and sweep everyone off their feet.

• Women KurtasFor women kurtas are extremely in with fresh vibrant colors like shades of green, blue, oranges .You can even use a darker shade and a lighter shade of the same color to make your shirt look interesting. Use lots of buttons, broaches on your kurtas to give them a feminine touch. Materials like pure silks are extremely in. Silk is the material of the season to play around with however if you’re on smaller budget then you can also play around with satin or medium silk. Block printing in vibrant multi colors is the latest trend so you can definitely take that as a safe bet. Also emphasize more on cuts.

• Printed Loose Trousers

Printed loose trousers are extremely in. You can pair them up with a plain blouse or a kurti of your favorite color. Jump suits are really in; however do not wear them unless you can carry them well and with oozing confidence. Whatever you plan to wear make sure it’s your choice and be sure of it because only then you will be able to carry it well. There is no better accessory than confidence and being sure of one self.

• Right Accessories

Also do not forget to accessories yourself. Right accessories are extremely important just like salt and pepper is vital in cooking so do accessories yourself however make sure you do not over do it. Keep in mind less is more. Wear nice piece of earrings otherwise necklaces are really in these days so you can either wear a nice necklace or earrings. Chunky rings with big stones look fabulous and elegant too. A nice watch is something not only women should wear but men as well. Men can wear traditional outfits like kurtas with white shalwar .Black; deep blue, deep grey are colors which always look great. Sea green also looks great. However off white and dull gold are colors which never fade away.

• Light Embroidery & Buttons

Again light embroidery or few nice buttons would look great. You can look traditional by pairing your outfit with a nice pair of handmade khussa or kula puri whatever you like better. However do not forget to wear cuff lings since they are a great accessory for men. Look traditional and try to promote your own culture this Eid-ul-Azha. Remember Coco Chanel’s golden words “Fashion fades; only style remains the same”. So what are you waiting for? Get stylish this Eid ul Adha.

Friday, October 26, 2012

A New Trend for Eid ul Azha Spa

There is nothing better than having an appointment at some spa at this time of the month as Eid ul Azha is almost here and definitely, we all want to look gorgeous and steal the show. Spa tips for Eid ul Azha are perfectly given by a salon however you can create your own spa at home too if you have the right spa tips for Eid ul Azha this time.

The main reason why you should get yourself a spa treatment through proper spa tips is that the way the whole spa treatment is done, your whole blood circulation increases to a nice and healthy level which gives your skin a very fresh feel and look too. Spa tips can also be related to your skin and a good spa treatment can clear away all the dirt and oil from your skin pores too. So, it is very much necessary that you get spa tips for this Eid ul Azha in order to make your whole Eid look gorgeous.

Through the spa treatment and spa tips, you are actually giving time to your own body and skin which is very important once in a while. Every other person on this planet has a right to look good and stay healthy and good spa tips and treatments are a key to beautifying yourself and looking good. When it comes to spa tips for Eid ul Azha, you really need to make sure that you are using the right kind of products during your spa treatment, either at home or at some spa salon. You definitely do not want some disaster on your skin right before Eid ul Azha!

It is one of the most important spa tips for Eid ul Azha that you get the most natural products for your skin as natural things hardly ever go wrong. If you use artificial stuff during spa treatments then the whole idea of having one, is useless. Try not to go overboard with all sorts of treatments before Eid as that is also very important to keep in mind regarding spa tips for Eid ul Azha.

Do not sit back and feel lazy. Grab the keys to your car and visit with somebody at a nice spa salon so that you get yourself all the best spa tips and of course, an appointment too before it gets too late! You can also take some friends and cousins with you so that you all have a perfect girl time in the most relaxed way through amazing spa tips and treatment, that too, right before Eid ul Azha.

Makeup Views For Eid-ul-Azha 2012

From makeup ideas to clothes, shoes and bags, everything should be perfect for girls on Eid day. From little girls to married women, the auspicious day of Eid means meeting friends and family and therefore the appearance should be perfect. Here are some makeup ideas that you can follow on this Eid-ul-Azha to enhance your beauty and look enchanting on Eid day.

1. Makeup Tips For Eid-ul-Azha

For women, the festivities of Eid-ul-Azha are mostly associated with quality time spent in the kitchen, trying new recipes and cooking delicious foods. But this activity has never lessened the passion for Eid as women can never stop dressing up and applying make. Makeup ideas for Eid-ul-Azha can be challenging, especially with the high temperature and humidity in most parts of the country. Here are some easy and helpful makeup tips for Eid ul Azha that will make you look ravishing all day long.

2. Prepare Your Skin

Before the application of foundation, make sure you eliminate any toxins and excess oil from your skin. Eid-ul-Azha is a long day and you would not want your make up to melt in just a couple of hours. The best make up tip for Eid-ul-Azha is to exfoliate, scrub and cleanse your skin a day before. This will remove dirt from your skin, give you an even tone and will make the application of foundation easier. Exfoliated skin will also make you look fresh on Eid day.

3. Foundation and Base

One of the makeup tips for Eid-ul-Azha is to apply a primer on your face before applying foundation. Primer plays the role of an oil free moisturizer which helps your base last longer and not crack during the day. This is a must for people with dry skin. Let your face rest for five minutes and now apply your foundation. With a pre prepared skin, exfoliated and moisturized, your foundation will glide on your face settling in each and every pore giving you the smoothest base.

4. Eyes and Eye Brows

Eid is a day function and most activities are carried out in the first part of the day. Make up ideas for morning events are simple as well as exciting. Shape your brows with a light brown brow pencil. Do not use charcoal black during the day. If you wish to look dramatic and sizzling, go for dark shades. If you are not confident in carrying dark shades, go for light day colors like light brown, peach, pinks, violets etc. Shape your eye with an eye pencil or eye liner and in the end apply your black mascara to enhance the eye.

5. Blush on & Lip Color

Apply a bronzer on your cheeks to enhance your cheek bones. Use a concealer if you wish to slightly reshape your features. On Eid day, use peach or light pink blush. Do not over do your blush on. A creamy, rosy-cheek look is all what you are looking for.

Your lip color gives you a totally new personality. Go for natural big lips or shape them a little using a lip pencil. Lip color should match the dress you are wearing.

With these makeup tips, enjoy your Eid day and look as stunning as possible.

This Eid-ul-Adha Experience Fashion, Designing, And Clothing

Eid al-Adha a Feast of the Sacrifice , is an important religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide to honor the willingness of Ibrahim to sacrifice his son Ismail as an act of obedience to God. This Islamic festival also known as Eid ul-Zuha which is celebrated by Muslims of Pakistan. Previously this ritual event was celebrated with great simplicity but now the simplicity blended with modernity by leaps and bounds in the fashion industry. Islam prescribes elegancy, modesty and sophistication in clothing. Contrary to what people believe, there is no restriction of choice in style, shades, design, fabric and finest clothing.

• Eid ul Adha is the time for all men and women to dress up in their finest clothes . Women certainly have a broad choice of clothing available. There was a time when women prefer to purchase fully overworked attires with heavy ornate works on clothes. A remarkable shift has observed in the fashion styles in this spring fall. "Women prefer comfortable clothes with less work, keeping the humid weather in mind.

• Printed cotton dress materials with embroidery and hint of sparkle are most in demand. Other than that subtle embroidery on various fabric like linen, shamos and chiffons are in fashion, kurti’s with chordi daar, gowns, extra long shirts with small cuts, different combos of vibrant colors and color blocking with sophistication and style are in high demand.

• With Eid just a few days away, prominent markets of the city are witnessing heavy rush of men and women purchasing clothes for the occasion. While a number of designers and shops at Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad come up with the new stock of Eid ul Adha winter collection segmenting the particular section of customers unique needs.

• Silk and chiffons are wearable fabric in all the seasons. "Cotton-silk dress material, ranging from Rs1, 000 to Rs 7,000, is the priority of an average customer, depending upon if it belongs to local market or designer silk. While different markets of the city are selling all kinds of dresses. Most of the dress materials are purchased from liberty ,Auriga, Anarkai bazaar , Ichra market, Gumti bazaar ( rang mahal ) etc

• This year, shopkeepers are witnessing a remarkable shift from readymade garments to dress materials paving way for the tailors to earn some money during this festive season. "Customers are buying sober dress materials and then putting in additional effort of designing from a tailor or boutique of the city.

• Additional attributes like matching metal beads, laces, brooches, and colorful buttons are purchased to prepare stylish salwar kameez, gowns and trousers/ stretchable tights. It’s a time for the tailor to earn money as the trend from readymade garments swiftly shifted to customer own designer ideas.

• Men have considerably limited choice in clothing options. Depending upon the culture, sherwani, casual kurta/shalwar , jeans , dress pants are some of the dominant choices of men for this Eid ul Adha. Formal shirts with checks and stripe, plain shirts and trousers certainly demanding choices in men’s fashion through tut the seasons.

• Many well renowned designers came up with the Eid ul Adha “Eid collections 2012 ” namely Sana Safinaaz , Mehdi ,Nishat , Origin , Zahra Ahmed Generation ,Uroos , Threads & Motifz,Silkasia, Mansha ,Warda,Al karam,Bareeze Eid collection for men ,women and kids, Satrangi ( for men and kids ) ,Daaman etc . All of these designers came up with exceptional designs and color contrasts this season to thrive the Pakistani buyers this Eid.

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Latest Eid Collection 2012 by SHEEP

Ready-to wear-casual outfits brand SHEEP is known for soft, appealing and cleanly designed outfits. Latest Eid Collection 2012 by SHEEP provides a chance to experience the relaxing nature of fabric and thus of designs. Apart the casualness, all outfits offer a unique sewing pattern and designing technique that attract hundreds of ladies to it for their exclusive Eid outfit.

The Stylish Range Of Shazoo Kolahpuri Eid Collection

This post is going to share with you the versatile Shazoo Kolahpuri Eid Collection. The Shazoo creativity is one of the leading shoe brands of Pakistan, serving excellence in the shoe industry since the last many years. Every time, it comes up with unique shoe designs that become the center of attraction for ladies. The use of bright colors has made this latest Sahzoo Kolahpuri Eid Collection wonderful. Look at this pretty one. The lovely color combination with beautiful threads has turned this pair into the most attractive summer shoes for ladies. It would really go best at the lovely eid occasion along with matching dress and jewellery.

Look at this lovely shoe pair. The wonderful work of colorful threads and embroidery stuff is showing the artistic perfection of the Shazoo creativity designers. Both the teen agers and women can wear it due to its elegant stitching and modern design.
You can surely have the best eid shoe from this lovely Shazoo Kolahpuri Eid Collection.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Latest Mehndi designs for Eid and Wedding

Mehndi (also called Hina) is one of the things which is very popular among the females, specially in the region of South Asia. Girls normally apply the latest Mehndi designs throughout the year on their hands, arms and feet. But it is specially related to two occasions, which are considered incomplete without Mehndi (Mehendi) in India and Pakistan. These special occasions are Weddings and Eid days. Muslims celebrate two Eids, one Eid-ul-Fitr after the month of Ramdan on first day of Islamic month Shawal and other on 10th of Islamic Month of Zil-Hajj. These special occasions of Eid in Pakistan and India are ever complete without the Mehndi and Bangles. Whichever part of the country it may be, female hands are adorned with the lovely red hue of the Mehndi. Eid Mehndi designs or Wedding Mehndi designs are interchangeable and can be applied interchangeably at any occasion.

  Beauty parlors have special Eid and Wedding Mehndi packs – these days, the girls have choice between the Pakistani / Indian Mehndi (which covers pretty much most of the palm) and the Arabic Mehndi (in which the pattern is drawn to one side of the hand). The cost of applying the Mehndi may vary from design to design, parlor to parlor and occasion to occasion.

 From adorning brides’ hands, to being used to make hip tattoos on arms and bellies, Mehendi / Mehndi or Henna has gone international. Here are some of the Latest Mehndi designs and styles for the occasions of Eid and Weddings.

India International Jewellery Week 2012

Sonam Kapoor Dazzles At The Gem and Jewelry Council’s, annual Indian international Jewellery Week 2012 In Nirav Modi Jewels Spectacular Constellation Necklace

Sonam Kapoor who is the official brand ambassador for the Gem and Jewelry Council’s, annual Indian international Jewellery Week 2012was seen dazzling in jewels created by the celebrated jeweler Nirav Modi at the Gem and Jewelry Council’s, annual Indian international Jewelery Week 2012.

In its endeavor to promote India as the innovation and design destination for jewelry, the Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) will host the third edition of India International Jewellery Week (IIJW) from August 19 to 23, 2012 at the Grand Hyatt, Santacruz (East), Mumbai. This year, the participants list will include more than 32 leading designers and jewelry brands showcasing the finest in designs, style and latest trends.

Adorned in one of Nirav Modi’s extravagant creations a very thrilled Sonam Commented, “I love diamonds and strongly believe that they make great investments. I enjoy wearing Nirav’s jewels because of the great attention to quality and craftsmanship. Someday I would like my engagement ring from Nirav Modi Jewels”

To commence and inaugurate this week long affair, Sonam Kapoor is lighting the auspicious lamp and kicking off the shows. Sonam Kapoor, GJEPC’s brand ambassador will be seen dazzling the runway adorning some of the most spectacular jewelry pieces made by Indian designers.

Latest Bridal Jewellery designs in Pakistan 2012

Latest fashion & stylish jewellery's is a weakness of every women and when it comes to bridal jewellery, every women is very curious to find out what is in fashion and what is out of fashion. Today many jewellery brands and designers designs different kind of jewellery items for women to satisfy their ever increasing need of precious jewellery. Here are some examples of hottest trend of bridal jewellery designs 2012 in Pakistan. All bridal jewellery sets look stunning and will definitely increase charm in your bridal look. Now a days different gold jewellery sets are available in market but girls today prefer to wear matching bridal jewellery sets or kundan jewellery on her wedding. One of the reason behind increasing trend of metal jewellery is rise in gold price. Today gold price in nearly unreachable by lower & middle class families. So this new trend of matching bridal jewellery sets are warmly welcome by many and to tell you the truth, matching jewellery look chic, fun and stylish too. So girls check out beautiful bridal jewellery designs for year 2012. People with an online degree in design know how important it is for women to have the perfect bridal look.

Collection at Fashion Pakistan Week 2012 Day 1 Kuki concepts

Zahid Khan of Kuki Concept bestowed an unsymmetrical array of cuts at day 1 of Fashion Pakistan Week 2012. His colourful silhouettes contained animal prints, pleats and capes of plush silk ranging in black, white, fuchsia pink, lime green and pale yellow.

The Collection was based on the work of painter Frank Stella therefore incorporated an artistic approach both in innovation and designs. There was also grandeur of flowy silk dress and masterful tutu skirts.

Kuki Concept Collection at Fashion Pakistan Week 2012 Day 1 was over done with tones of grey and blue making up ultra trendy western attires for women and also a modern set of dresses for men.

Ace Indian designers to present collections at Bridal Asia

Bridal Asia, India’s most opulent and fashionable bridal couture affair, is going to kick start from October 21, 2012 in New Delhi.

The exhibition-cum-fashion show will serve as a meeting ground for designers, merchants and traders from across the sub-continent, specializing in bridal finery and products.

The three-day-long exhibition will showcase a variety of high-end western and ethnic bridal outfits, jewellery and other accessories by various nationally and internationally renowned designers.

Ace Indian designers like Tarun Tahiliani, Sabyasachi, Falguni and Shane Peacock and Vikram Phadnis are going to present their vivid bridal collections at the event.

Prolific Pakistani designers like Honey Waqar and Jannat Shahid will also feature their exquisite creations.

Other than the spectacular presentations by the experienced designers, Bridal Asia will additionally provide a business platform to amateur innovative fashion designers to exhibit their talents.

A thoughtfully chosen group of 40 designers initially participated in the event, which was first held in 1999.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

10 Tips to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Any womens wish, is to have a long, healthy and beautiful hair. However, hair takes its time to grow and we don’t usually tend to wait for it. We feel the need to do something about it.

There’s countless options we can follow, to speed our hair healthy growth. There’s no such thing as magical potions to make it grow suddenly though.

If your purpose is to make your hair grow from a shoulders length hair to mid back length hair quickly, I’m afraid you won’t get it. Technically all you can actually do, is to apply hair extensions, clip on ponytails or long wigs.

Here are my 10 tips to make your hair grow faster!
1. Practice Good Hair Habits

If you want to have your hair grow faster, you need healthy hair. Good hair habits will help you avoid damaging your hair and keep it healthy.

Here some good practices:

1.Use a brush with natural boar bristles.

Don’t braid or put your hair in a ponytail when it is still wet.
Avoid chemical treatments such as bleaching, perms, coloring or highlighting.
Minimize heat styling with things such as hot combs, hair dryers and curling irons.
Although the best thing to do, is to avoid using heat styling, it is still important to dry your hairs roots after washing it. I learnt this with a specialized doctor. The roots of our hair take a long time to dry whenever we wash it, between 2 and 3 days actually. Therefore, it is extremely important to dry it with a hair dryer. Do not forget the important thing to is, is to dry your hairs roots, not the ends. If you leave the ends wet, is no big deal.

2. Maintain a healthy diet

Eating well and healthy is really important. You must eat lots of fruits and vegetables. You should also do a diet based on proteins. Since hair is protein, a diet that is too low in protein may cause some thinning hair or a retardation in the growth cycle. For instance, fish, eggs, beans or yogurt, are filled with protein. Soy protein has also been found to be helpful in stimulating hair growth.

Remember, beauty comes from the inside. In a way, you are what you eat. If you feed yourself lots of healthy nourishing foods your body will reflect this.

3. Flaxseed oil

Flax Seed Oil is a blue flowering plant that is grown on the Western Canadian Prairies for its oil rich seeds. This natural oil is highly recommended for the general well being and whole body nutrition. It is a natural acids source that are essential to keep our body healthy.

They are also good for the heart, reducing the risk of coronary heart disease. The recommended daily dose for most people is at least 1,000 mg taken one to three times daily.

Therefore, if you don’t eat much fish, you must take the Flax Seed Oil supply in order to help your body having all the vitamins you need and consequently speed up your hairs growth.

4. Keep it trimmed!

To cut your split end is very important. When you ignore split ends, it ends up leaving you with shorter hair due to breakage.

Damage to your hair will move up from the ends and the only way to stop it in its tracks is to remove it as soon as it happens.

Do not forget the hair starts growing for the root, not the ends. Therefore, whenever the split ends are cut, your hair follicle is working less to repair split, dead ends and working more in the root. If you cut the ends frequently, your hair will grow faster and healthier. Trust me, it’s true!

It’s always easy to talk though. It’s hard to put it into action. I hate having to trim my hair when I have worked so hard on making it long! But it’s a need that will bring good results in a long term time. Just be patient and you will see!

5. Massage the scalp

Always give yourself a scalp massage. You will want to massage your hair at least three times a week, use the tips of your hands and firmly massage your scalp. Make sure you cover the entire head. With a good scalp massage you increased blood circulation which enriches skin with essential nutrients and oxygen.

After a massage actively circulating blood brings the nutrients to hair follicles. Besides, massage helps to relax and improves the strength of the roots.

6. Don’t wash your hair every day

I know it sounds disgusting, but washing your hair too often pulls the strands, damages the scalp, and rids your hair of the natural oils essential for growing long, thick hair. You must allow the hair oils to condition your hair rather than constantly washing the oils out.

After a while, your hair will be trained, and it won’t look as dirty as it looked before, and the washes will last longer. There’s plenty of videos on youtube of beauty gurus that teach you the best way to train your hair.

The ideal, would be to wash your hair between 2 or 3 times a week, maximum. You’ll see it will get shinier and healthier.

7. Comb after wash it – Don't Brush it

Comb through your hair with a wide toothed comb right when you turn off your shower water when it is still soaking wet. It’s much better for detangles your hair super quickly. This way you are struggling afterward or having to attack your hair with a brush. Using a brush on wet hair can break the strands you have worked so hard to protect.

Use a wide-toothed comb and comb your hair in a slow motion.

Additionally, avoid pulling your hair tightly especially for women who are fond of ponytails, braids, cornrows and clips.

8. Always Use Heat Protect

Applying a heat protectant spray when using heated styling tools is very important.

Heat protectant is something I often forget to use, but it is really important to protect your strands against damage. If you protect your hair from the time it is a baby hair at your root it will have a long and happy lifespan, and be able to grow much longer than if you abuse it for years.

9. Use a deep conditioning treatment

This will help hydrate strands and make them stronger. A hair treatment can help restore damaged hair, add shine and body to dull lifeless hair, and improve the texture of frizzy, unmanageable hair.

Damaged hair loses two essential components; moisture and protein. Most times, both of these elements need to be replaced for an effective hair treatment.

An occasional deep conditioning or reconstructing treatment will help restore your hair to its prime condition. It’s also a good idea to treat your hair before and after any chemical processes.

I love my Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque because it truly leaves my hair really soft and easier to comb.

10. Reduce Stress

Finally, we all know stress ain’t good for our health. Stress can cause a variety of health problems, so it should be no surprise that it also affects the hair. Excessive stress will slow down your hair’s growth rate and it will make it weaker, turning it extremely more vulnerable to breaks.

Some stress-reducing techniques are deep breathing, regular exercise, mediation, yoga, or enjoying a hobby or recreational activity such as reading, cooking, or gardening

Is very important to reduce your stress level as much as you can to get a hair and life more healthy.

Fashion Trends - Fall and Winter 2012/2013

What's on the runways for 2012/2013 Fall/Winter - classy, classic, and sexy - did I mention a bit manly...
With fall and winter coming, perhaps your wardrobe needs a bit of updating? Well, here are a few fall and winter fashion trends that you may want to consider purchasing.

Sexy, classy, and classic are the features to look for when buying clothes for this fall and winter...

It's so nice to see the hat make such a huge comeback this year!
For fall and winter the waist has returned! Whether on a belted swing coat, a curvy dress or pencil skirt, the emphasis is on the waist. The fitted classic sheath style dress provides a much-needed antidote to all the trapeze styled dresses of this past summer. The seriously girlie frock is also out, for now anyway. The dresses for fall/winter of 2012/2013 are sexier and edgier and well fitted, but not skin tight -- dresses will remain comfortable. The hem line is mid knee to well below the knee.

The colors on the runway for the fall/winter season of 2012/2013 are to put it in a nut shell - a bit bland. However, designers did a smashing job at making otherwise bland colors pop.... All the classic fall/winter colors such as brown, black, taupe, winter white,and many shades of gray, as well as dark rich blues seem to be prevalent in an abundance at New York's Fashion Week runways. Not to say that some designers didn't use brighter colors, because they did. However, it did appear the brighter colors were played down for the up coming fall season.. Evening wear was where the designers appeared to use some bolder, and very soft pastel colors. Such as, hues of gold, red, vivid blues, and deep jewel tones. In regards to evening wear, many designers used soft pastels in shades of soft blush pink, and silvery soft blues tones to create gowns that were fabulously feminine, and old Hollywood sexy... For all you gals that love the color black, don't worry the designers have taken care of you... The designers have used the color black in many fashion looks. However, for the Fall/Winter of 2012/2013 you will see your favorite color black mixed up with dark gray, stark white, as well as lots of shades of dark mid-night blue.

Fashion Pakistan Week 2012 First Day Collection By Ayesha Hassan

Ayesha Hassan show at Day 1 of Fashion Pakistan Week 2012 was opened by Ayesha Toor wearing a deep green, flabby chiffon dress that had pretty embellishments at belt and a sparkling crescent and star on her forehead.

The collection being inspired by the Hellenic designs, contained a mix of light grey, beige, crayon blue, bright red, black, golden, pistachio and rose pink raw silk and glittery sheer fabric. Ayesha Hassan also showcased several layered sexy outfits, pants and floor long ensembles modeled by fashion models Nadia Ali, Iraj and by stylist Shazdeh Ali Akhtar.

Ayesha Hassan also made a bold stamen of Pak-USA relations during her show at Fashion Pakistan Week 2012 Day 1.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Eid Collection Lawn 2012 by Hira Lari

Catch the latest extravaganza of mesmerizing Eid Lawn Collection 2012 by one of the creative fashion designers of Pakistan Hira Lari.

Hira Lari has launched her latest Mid Summer Eid Lawn Prints 2012 by Afroze Textile Mills. The collection bestows an ample mood for Ramadan & Eid season.

Sailing with the latest trend of introducing highly creative eid collections, fashion designer Hira Lari together with Afroz Textiles Mills has designed a dreamy Eid Lawn Collection 2012. The collection is aimed to please every woman who wanders to get some unique outfit for the festive eid day.

Hira Lari Eid Lawn Collection 2012 contains an eye popping range of traditional long shirts with trousers having beautiful neck designs and shirt borders. The patterns such as floral, ikat, and paisley are made to enhance the elegance of outfits.

Winter Eid Collection 2012 by Shirin Hassan

Formal Winter Eid Collection 2012 by Shirin Hassan is an electrifying range of block prints done over silk and net fabric. The collection includes beautiful A-line long shirts and angarkha style kaftan, paneled frocks with trousers, tights, churidar pajamas and colorful dupattas.

These all Eid outfits are adorned with shanty lace with diamantes, Swarovski crystal, kundan and buttons. The color contrast makes each ensemble more vivid and catchy to be worn on the festive occasion of Eid-ul-Azha.

Have a look at this dynamic Formal Winter Eid Collection 2012 by Shirin Hassan

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Eye Brow Shaping inccreases Your Beauty

Learning how to select the right eyebrow shaping is essential, because you can unquestionably enhance your facial beauty that way. Eyebrow shaping needs to be properly completed in order to increase the evenness in your face.

• Perfectly Shaped Eyebrows

The symmetry of the eyebrow is correct when the beginning of the brow is evened up with the center of the nostril and the arch lessens over the back third of the eye. If your eyes are close, make the aperture between the brows spacious. If your eyes are far away, don’t wax the origin line of the brow too much so that they are closer together. The more it’s alike, the more it enhances the beauty of the eyebrow.

• Find Your Facial Shape

The most considerable thing you need to know about eyebrow shaping is your overall facial shape. If you have an egg-shaped face, high brows are perfect, while the long faces need of flatter brows. Oval faces can grasp just about anything at all, while round brows are perfect for heart shaped faces.

• Take up Your Coloring

The color of your skin, eyes, and hair all play a piece in picking the appropriate eyebrow shape. The color of your eyebrows themselves is essential, as well. For Instance, if you have extremely light brows, some shapes and styles will perfectly better than other individuals. You may also need to go with a heavier brow. If, though, your brows are very thick, rather thinner might work best.
Tips To Tame Your Eye Brows

Not many women have been gifted with that excellent eyebrow shaping, so most of them have to resort to many other processes to attain the favorite shape. Here are some simple instructions for your brows:

Sprinkle little spray on your eyebrows and comb them using your toothbrush to keep the beauty of eyebrow flawless.

Eyebrow shaping up make you look annoyed, so be cautious not to take off too much at the outside brow corners.

If your eyebrow shaping is light, use a newly sharpened eyebrow pencil to fill in the areas with light and fast strokes.

To enhance the beauty of eyebrow, you can brush your brows with a brow brush dunked in eyebrow powder in up and outward strokes.

It is essential to use the correct shade to enhance the beauty of the eyebrow. For women can use golden shades while dark women can use gray shades.

While eyebrow shaping, if you have finished tweezed certain area, try to fill the spot using eyebrow shadow, by applying in the hair growth direction.

Beauty of eyebrow enhances with shadow as it gives the more ordinary look than an eyebrow outline pencil.

4 Quick Makeup Tips To Make You Look Gorgeous In 5 Minutes

You set your alarm to wake you up at sharp 6 am and when the alarm buzzes, you are quick to hit the snooze button. Then, when you finally realize that it is actually very late, you get out of bed shouting at the top of your voice,

              How am I supposed to get ready in 5 minutes?

Well, there is no denying that you need to set your routine but let me outline a few quick tips that will finish your makeup in 5 flat minutes and make you ready to go. What are these? Let us find out.

1. You have dark circles and you want to hide them?

Okay get set go! Dark circles are a result of getting insufficient sleep. If you have dark circles because of any reason and you want to appear fresh, more awake and bright, grab a concealer and dab it smoothly over the circles. Apply a moisturizer first and be gentle as you do so.

2. Want the natural blush on your cheeks? But how?

We often see the chic girls with a lot of pink blush on their face and we end up envying them secretly. Girls, relax, it is just makeup and you too can appear all lovely-blushy too! Get a pink or peach blush or a bronzer and highlight your cheekbones with a brush. Do not forget to add a touch of blush on your nose and chin to give an even look. One very important tip is to avoid excess of blush to appear natural.

3. Want to have bigger eyes?

Let’s accept it that your eyes are the most striking feature of your personality and you should specially put a lot of emphasis to make them look big and bright. Make your eyes stand-out from the rest of your features by highlighting your upper lash with eyeliner. Curl your eyelashes a bit; this will make your eyes look bigger. Now the last step is to dab mascara on your eyelashes.

4. A natural lip gloss to finish your look

Lip gloss will give you the finishing look. This is the last step and pretty easy to apply. You can do it as you are on your way out to your work.

These simple 4 steps will make you leave the house with a dose of self-confidence. Have a nice day.

Under The Umbrella Fashion - Monsoon Trends 2012

we all fall down, and here comes monsoon fashion rain with all joys of life and of course a scrumptious mood of bright colors and juicy hues with distinct cuts which will wipe out the light soothing tinges of hot summers. So here comes the droplet ride to joyous monsoon fashion trends 2012.

1. Fashion & Trends For Monsoon

This year monsoon trend breeze is pointing towards a lot of fun and expressive fashion in which one can go beyond the boundaries, fashion for monsoon is particularly too colorful with a lot of volume at the hems and fitted trousers with much use of curvy cut lines, color blocking could also be used and mixing of prints with plain fabrics too can give a fresh effect. Overall it is going to be an experimental one so doesn’t be shy jump into the rain of fashion this monsoon.

2. Colors & Hues For Monsoon Fashion

There is going to be a lot of contrast and mix-n-match of deadly vibrant and juicy colors and hues this monsoon such as Electra green, expressive yellow, ultramarine blue with all the flamboyant psychedelic tints and don’t forget to add color of the year 2012 that is tangerine tango in your monsoon wardrobe.

3. Cuts & Silhouettes For Monsoon Fashion

Monsoons are very much light and refreshing in nature so try not to overdo the garments and be careful with the cuts and silhouettes, be minimalistic in fabric quantities, avoid excessive layering of garments just keep it simple and breathe fresh fashion this monsoon. Don’t forget to remember the air is in very much playful mood so use longer lengths with diagonal cuts and more blousing at sleeves.

4. Fabrics Best For Monsoon Fashion

Fabric selection should be done very carefully considering the wet atmosphere in monsoons, fabric should be lighter in weight and also be skin friendly so that when it rains it doesn’t itch your skin so use cottons with different weaves e.g. lawn, cotton khaddar or chicken can also work with minimal use of chiffons.
5. Prints For Monsoon Fashion

Use some light foulard prints or directly jump to some big chunky floral or paisleys because this monsoon fashion is not a medium taste, play in the rain of prints as much as you can, use printed chiffons in sleeves and yokes for some sheerness also.

6. Footwear In Monsoon Fashion

Try to find some jumpy and in the air footwear this monsoon e.g. try flip flops in neon colors or use some high cork wedges to feel light at the heels. Do not use pointy heels because it might end up a bit slippery.

7. Accessories To Carry In Monsoon Fashion

Monsoon is a party booster so it’s time to use all the accessories in the drawer to add up a bling to your style. Use charm bracelets, glass bangles, ring earrings or drop earrings and try to keep good shades with you all the time, so that you can play hide and seek with the sun, well playing out is the fashion of monsoon. Enjoy!
8. Yippee Its Rainy EID This Monsoon

It’s rainy Eid this year’s monsoon and a chance to add some ethnic touch to your wardrobe add some ethnic prints and embroideries to your wardrobe and try some handmade ethnic jewelry with it and has a drop of fashioned blessings this monsoon.

9. Do’s & Don’ts In Monsoon Fashion

Do not wear too much makeup this monsoon, use waterproof ones but in minimal quantity.
Do not use too much synthetic fabric.
Try to stick to some pure blends.
Try not to use those metals which can react to moisture in air.
Keep yourself fashioned this monsoon.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Lady Gaga’s already worn Hedi Slimane’s first Saint Laurent collection twice

Lady Gaga is no stranger to wearing designer wears, and it looks as though she couldn't even wait a week to try on some of Hedi Slimane’s debut creations for Saint Laurent Paris.

The designer showed his much talked about Spring 2013 collection last Monday during Paris Fashion Week, and although it’s received much flak in the industry, Lady Gaga seems to be on Team Hedi, as the first to have worn pieces from his collection literally straight off the runway.

Lady Gaga was in London on Monday to promote her new fragrance at Harrods and was seen wearing an all-black seventies-esque gypsy skirt, shirt and jacket all from Hedi Slimane’s debut collection (the hat she wore, although looking like it came from the same collection, was unfortunately not a Slimane creation). She was then seen wearing the same outfit as she dined and chatted with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange right across the street. Bizarre.

And of course she didn’t stop at just one Hedi Slimane outfit, as photos have emerged again of Mother Monster in yet another look from the collection while in Iceland to accept an award at the Yoko Ono Grant for Peace event.

One things for sure, we can safely assume they have forged an odd sort of friendship over their mutual disdain for fashion critic Cathy Horyn. Lady Gaga has had her own feud with the writer, and retweeted Slimane’s infamous remarks towards Horyn last week (they have since been removed) while praising the designer and the work he created. We’ll have to wait and see if Lady Gaga continues to wear his collection throughout the rest of the week, and maybe Horyn herself will have something interesting to say about their new friendship.

Long Sweater Trend in Pakistan Now a Days

The sweater trend this season is gaining immense importance. A long sweater coat seems to be settling as the Pakistani winter trend and people, irrespective of their age, are inclined towards following this winter trend. You could easily use it as a light-to-medium over coat and carry it with you throughout your chilly season. A fancy scarf or even handy accessories accompanying your winter trend will add to your fashion declaration.

The best way to show off your sweater trend is to utilize rich and attractive color schemes. But make sure that the shade selected goes with your wardrobe set for the Pakistani winter trend. Some embroidery or broche will also do for the winter trend on your long sweater.

This Pakistani winter trend has some requirements, the most important one being the length of your sweater. As the name suggests, it has to be long but how long? Firstly, you need to ensure that it is not very equally if the length is till the thighs. Dropping from the ends is preferable. Then, if you want it a few inches below your knees, it is better not to keep the sweater trend closed i.e. should be front-open. But if you are using a full length coat, it will acquire grace once it is closed from the front.

Healthy people should prefer thin sweater trend rather than thick furs as their ultimate winter trend.

Try to keep nominal with your costs. Since many branded shops sell these sweaters for a premium price, you can choose the sweater that is not very heavy i.e. help keep you away from cold and light weight enough that they can be used in early spring as well maintaining the sweater trend for a longer period.

Following are a few sweater trends for you to opt as your seasons style statement:
Naughty knits in sweater trend:

Knitwear is all over the brands carrying its shadows on the Pakistani winter trend. You will find numerous styles and designs as the sweater trend ranging from knee-length to ankle-slip to belt to front-open ones. The paramount for the sweaters is their comfy feel alongside satisfying your winter trend fashionably.
Fur winter trend:

Imagine how mast it will look when you will walk carrying your fur-sweater trend down the street. The fox-fur or cat-tail will lay a luxurious impact on the viewers. You can accompany your presence with accessories such as fur handbags, cheetah earrings or even long boots. This will complete your stunning picture for the winter trend.
Leather sweater trend:

This is going to be a sexy addition to your winter wardrobe collection. Not only will you conquer the cold but will also place sleekness and flirty feel to your winter trend. This can be accompanied with leather skirt and high heels with a simple T-shirt. Also, this Pakistani winter trend can be worn with traditional dresses.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Kareena Kapoor’s wedding ceremony Dress

Manish Malhotra seems to have had enough of other developers getting credit score and hogging statements for developing the trousseau of his ‘best friend’ Kareena Kapoor(Bebo). In an unique talk, the developer statements that only he has developed all the clothing that the acting professional will use during various features around her future marriage with lover Saif Ali Khan on Oct 16.

But developer Ritu Kumar has been declaring that she has renewed Sharmila Tagore’s 40-year-old lehenga which Kareena will use on the marriage day…
That’s not real at all. For previous times two several weeks, the employees in my device have been properly reestablishing Sharmila ji’s old marriage lehenga that Facebook will use for her nikaah on the Sixteenth. I’ve put a lot of attempt into properly reestablishing the fantastic zardosi perform. I do not know how someone else can declare to be doing it. That would not be right.

Why would Ritu Kumar declare otherwise in interviews? She has also distributed a draw of the same with the press
I cannot thoughts on that. Ritu ji is a mature developer.

               What else have you developed for Kareena around her big day?
 I am doing all of Bebo clothing, actually all of Lolo’s clothing, too (Lolo is Kareena’s sis Karisma’s nickname). For a pre-wedding operate on the Fourteenth, I have developed a garara for her, since gararas are so in nowadays. Then she will use Sharmila ji’s elegant lehenga on the Sixteenth for the deciding upon wedding, followed by another lehenga for a celebration with acquaintances at night. For her more official wedding reception in Delhi on the Eighteenth, I’ve organized an beautiful sari for her.

Launch of Fashion com passion

Fashion ComPassion a UK based socially responsible retail house founded in November 2010, by social entrepreneur Ayesha Mustafa, Fashion ComPassion is a unique online shopping portal that provides a platform to skilled and creative women artisans, by stocking brands that work with them. The company retails products across the world, working in Jordon, Lebanon, U.A.E, India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Cambodia and Kenya.

Fashion ComPassion is now considered to be one of the most influential retailers in the field of socially conscious fashion with prominent celebrities such as Anne Hathaway, Livia Firth, Lily Cole, Eva Longaria, wearing the collection.

Ayesha Mustafa, Founder of Fashion ComPassion stated, “Being Pakistani, I wanted to bring the concept of fashion that creates positive change and empowers women to Pakistan.

In Karachi, Fashion ComPassion launched three 3 socially responsible brands from the Middle East that work with Palestinian Refugee women, marginalized women in Lebanon & Bedouin women. These limited edition pieces are hand crafted with genuine leather and gold-plated embellishments.